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  • Think like a kid sometimes-

  • Dandelion Wishes

    How does this picture make you feel? Wistful? Happy? Hopeful? Remembering the silly, fun little things? When we are kids, we make that wish, just f...
  • Your Story

    Continue to edit your story, it's your life!
  • Perspective

    A dear friend reminded me of something today-I told him we had our first snow, and his first comment was "snow angels?" How awesome was that !?! I...
  • Shine

    Be the rainbow in someone's cloud today. It only takes a second to make a difference, smile-say something nice, do something nice, make a phone cal...
  • Our Gratitude Kit

    I love this gift!! It makes you think of people in your life that you would like to thank for just being there and being who they are!  We know tha...
  • Happy Art

    Surround yourself with happy art!
  • I love this

  • Create a space

    Create a happy space for yourself.  In your bedroom, kitchen, extra room, outside.  You don't have to do it all at once.  A favorite item, a pictur...
  • Enjoy

    Enjoy some shared beauty, let it be your happy place for a minute. Breathe in, now release. Let go of something that has been bothering you when yo...
  • It's your day

    Your day is a blank slate....put something nice in it.
  • Be nice

    Being nice in this world is tough, but it is definitely worth the effort. It is about creating your "light". Your physical, spiritual and mental he...