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Be nice

Being nice in this world is tough, but it is definitely worth the effort. It is about creating your "light". Your physical, spiritual and mental health-your positive energy. I put "feel good" items in my house and office space. For me it's a candle and vase my sister gave me, a couple of items I picked up at an estate auction, some things that I found in towns that I have visited. The point is to make your surroundings peaceful and happy. My office space probably has the brightest items-it helps to motivate me. Recently I made a collage,( I really have no talent with this, but there is no wrong way to do art, Yay! ) I had saved cards given to me through the years for birthdays, etc that I really liked. I cut out inspirational, happy words and pictures, modged-podged it on painted wood and hung it right next to the front door. That way it is the last thing I see before I go out. And over my door is a sign that reads "Life is good, enjoy the journey". I also bought a coffee cup that says "Wake up and be fabulous!"
These small things may seem silly, but it is positive energy all around me, and the positive energy inside of me is reignited. We are human and we need to be reminded to be positive and enjoy the day!! Sometimes that even means, stay in your soft jammies, put on some movies, read a book and hide from the world.
Try to recognize when you connect with someone, even just a smile-that's when you know-you are shining your light and so are they. Namaste 

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